The Deal

For some actors having their photo taken can be extremely nerve racking, so the one thing that will help to get the best photos out of you is time and lots of it, this will ensure you are completely relaxed and will photograph at your best. For others it’s not so much of an ordeal so you may not need as much time. Which ever it is for you, you need to be 100% sure what would suite your needs. We will always have a cuppa when you arrive and discuss what you want to get out of the session and then get to work. I like to take a few test shots which we can view on the computer so that any necessary changes can be made before we start.


I work very much in my large private studio using natural light or flash, I like to change the backgrounds as much as I can in the given time so we can get different looks. Many will give the impression that we are outside but we can also use a solid background such as black or white that will give much more of a studio feel to the photo. We might be able to pop outside weather permitting. Throughout the session you will be able to change your tops and hair to suit the look we are going for, guys if you also wish to have a shave at any point this is fine.

A standard session normally lasts around three to three and half hours. In that time I will aim to take around 800+ photos which I will show you on the back of the camera every five minutes so changes can be made if needed, I will then go through all your photos and break this down to a much more manageable 400+. I will also create your own private page where you will be able to find your contacts sheets via this website the same day, don’t worry all will be explained on how to access your page at the end of the session. Once you have chosen your photos they will be retouched and colour corrected, this is such an important area of the process, a photo that has been professionally retouched will really stand out, this however can take a bit of time but  it’s well worth it. I will then crop your photos if you require and make a few minor adjustments and again upload them onto your private page this time in hi resolution, if once you have had a look at them you would like a few final tweaks, that’s absolutely fine just let me know.

The shorter session is basically the same as above but taken in half the time with half the amount of photos.


If you would like to book a session with me I prefer it to be via email or a phone call, I think it’s much more personal this way. After all we will be working together and all of your correspondence will be directly with me, so don’t let it feel as if you are booking a flight! Once a booking has been confirmed I will email you nearer the time of the shoot with information about what to bring and what to do prior to the shoot and also with directions to the studio.

Standard session

3-31/2 hour shoot

800+ photos taken,

400+ on contact sheets which are uploaded the same day

3 retouched photos

Final photos normally uploaded in one week (but can be up to two at extremely busy times)

All contact sheets and final photos stay on line for at least three years but kept on file for life.

£450.00 (students and previous clients returning £400.00)


Shorter session

2 hour shoot

400+ photos taken

200+ on contact sheets which are up loaded the same day

3 retouched  photos

Final photos normally uploaded in one week (but can be up to two at extremely busy times)

All contact sheets and final photos stay on line for at least three years but kept on file for life.

£350.00 (no discounts)

Please make sure you pick the right session for you, if you are looking to get a number of different looks which may take you a bit of time to do or you are really nervous about having your photos taken then you may need the standard session. If you have already been to me in the past, you’re fairly confident in front of a “stills” camera or just looking for an up date with a few different looks then the shorter session might be all you need. Which ever you decide on please make it clear as to which session you would like to book for when you contact me. If you are unsure which would be the best for you don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss it.


Additional services:

  • Extra photos re-touched,  £35.00 each,
  • Hair and Make-up artist (subject to availability) £100.00 paid on the day (must book prior to shoot via me, this is also only available for the standard session.

Please also note I do get very booked up, at certain times of the year it can be about three months in advance so please plan ahead when thinking of booking, however I do also have to reschedule a number of clients each month due to their work commitments or illness so please feel free to enquire about an earlier session.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


The small print.

The boring bit. I don’t charge a deposit, never have so please respect this, if you find once you have booked in for a shoot that you may need to reschedule due to illness, a casting or a job please give me as much notice as you can.  If you cancel at very short notice  or just don’t turn up for your shoot, I reserve the right to charge you a cancellation fee.

Payment is by transfer a couple of days prior to the shoot,  or cash on the day, please make sure you have worked out which way you are planning to pay. (If you are thinking of using cash, a lot of ATM’s have a limit so please check before the day)

All photos are © copyright to Nick James Photography.

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